Kairos Coffee House

Kairos Coffee House is a large coffee house located off of I-25 and Garden of the Gods. This is not your typical coffee shop. You are greeted with a slight vintage feel mixed with modern coffee house. The building is old and seems to be an old hotel broken into multiple areas for the main coffee house, a ballroom that you can rent for parties and events, as. Well as an area that can be reserved for receptions or dinners. You also have the option to sit outside as well as upstairs. Unfortunately we weren’t able to check out the sitting are upstairs since it was reserved for an event but from what I could tell it was very cozy. They have a beautiful stained glass window at the front
You are welcomed by great baristas that ready to help. You are also presented with a menu that is written on a large chalkboard. They offer your standard coffee drinks like americanos and lattes as well as teas like chai and your standard sweet tea. You also have option of blended drinks like their caramel frapp and coffee frapp. Above is a small sign where they listed their spring drinks. They also offer almond milk which I was very grateful for.
I decided on an americano with an extra shot and splash of almond milk. It was strong but full of flavor. Exactly how I like it. The almond milk brought out a slight earthy feel along with the nutty notes. Being espresso you expect the dark intense flavor and thats what I got. Really the perfect pick me up! My Husband got the caramel frapp. It was sweet but not too intense. I feel blended drinks have a tendency to be all sugar and very slight flavor. That was not the case with this. it was very clearly caramel. I highly reccomend you give this place a try. It’s so unique and the coffee is so good. Out of everywhere we have tried this is my second favorite Colorado Springs coffee house. (My number one will be featured soon. I need to go back!)
I want to know where your favorite coffee shops are. Leave a comment below and it may end up as a post!

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