Helping out with a great cause!

 I want to say thank you to Steve Corey for asking me to be a part of this impactful event.

Victory Service Dogs is a non-profit organization that pairs disabled vets with dogs and then puts them through a training program to prepare them for the challenges they may face.
I was blessed to watch those dogs as they graduated from the Victory Service Dogs program to move on to their roles as supports and companions.

The difference the service dogs have made in the lives of the veterans is evident in their bond and the stories of the trials they faced to get to this occasion.

I feel it’s important to recognize the impact service dogs have in the lives of thousands all over the US. From being an emotional support in cases of PTSD and autism support to physical help such as in allergy detection and diabetic alert. These dogs have been known to save lives and drastically improve the quality of their owner’s life.

Most times, Victory Service Dogs uses rescues in their program.

I’m a huge supporter of saving homeless pets and I really believe the impact this program can have on the lives of abandoned dogs is huge! Not only are they providing the heroes of this nation a better life but they are doing the same for potentially hundreds of animals.

So grateful to be there and participate in the graduation as well as meet the brave men and women who have come so far and to witness the great things that are being done through them.

Congratulations to Patrick Martin and Sasha, Brett Peterson
and Saber as well as all the graduates posted below and their canine companions. I wish every one of you the best!

John and Chandler
James Smith and Titus
Arin and Max
Curtis and Bruce
Ron and Georgia
Paul and Kenai
Sean and Neala
Austin and Snowbawlz

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